Christopher Warner
cwarner at


fan, user, creator, documentor, reviewer of *nix, Opensource, Python, C, cloud computing, dtrace, zfs, content management, devops(whatever this is supposed to actually mean) and numerous other topics, ideas, concerns. Solving interesting problems, interest me.

Love the Dodge Ram 1500, as far as civilian trucks go it's an all-around great vehicle. At least my 2012 Dodge Ram hasn't let me down yet.

Served in the U.S. Army for roughly five years and change

Appreciate taking photos when I get a chance, you can see some over on flickr

I'm a thumbsup on #blacklivesmatter

Eating Lionfish is good for you

Provisioning or working in the cloud; Ansible is the only useful orchestration tool

Fan of nature and protecting our water and communities

Fan of rifles and assault weapons, think we need sensible federal gun legislation that protects us all from the mentally ill, it's obvious having none isn't working.

I'm Gluten free because I need to be, not because I want to be.. cookies and cakes?? LOVE EM

Takes me years to update my own web properties but you can usually search "christopher warner", "christophwarner" or some such on google to see what i've been up to lately. This hasn't been as fruitful as late, as my work has been firewalled off from the GoogleHorde but if you have an interesting problem you think I can help with please see above contact info, unless you're a recruiter, in which case don't contact me.

This website is a static html page, taking it back to the 90's, vintage internet baby.